Perfect posture

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After three decades of working on the perspective that back pain was associated to weakness.  We observe  general instability was common and likely the cause of muscle strength, imbalances and weakness.

Why do bodies get sore and hurt after an injury or repetitive postural injuries e.g.; prolonged sitting, running etc where after the body falls forward from that injury is when the body starts to get weak .

This has been demonstrated by people especially the older generations using walking aids. Consequently, now walking aids are being constructed differently which is a good change but will not reverse the degenerative changes already made. Slumped posture unfortunately is beginning to be accepted as a normal anomaly of human development.

Miss L. Anstee :- They spend time listening to your full health and medical history and look at the interactions including your genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

The human body is capable of self-correcting, for example we do not have to try to heal a cut on our finger. Yet bodies eventually break down over time.

What is Advanced BioStructural Correction?

It is a full body approach, which involves adjusting only the bones in the body in a direction that the body cannot self correct them. ABC™ practitioners work on the misalignments in the spine and body that the body has no ability to self correct. These misalignments can not be corrected because the body does not have the necessary muscles required to pull the misaligned bone back to where it needs to be. Immediately this causes the body to fall into a forward, tense and sometimes after a short &/or long time period leads to symptoms. These symptoms may not be be pain, possibly simple stiffness, or numbness..

As the body can not correct this problem, to compensate, it causes the body to torque, twist and bend other parts of the body to adapt and survive-(walk/run). Over time layers of these compensatory twists and the original and compensatory misalignments build up which creates a body that is tense and stressed physically, chemically and emotionally.

Dr. Sean Phelps (Doctor of chiropractic) “We have been using ABC ™ to facilitate the process of ‘unwinding’, thereby removing the build up of compensatory twists by correcting only the misalignments in the spine that the body cannot self-correct. At the same time allowing the body’s natural ability to correct and heal what it can. This new direction for a group of chiropractors around the world using new research in bodywork, medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness to restore your health. This approach addresses not only your present symptoms but can assist you taking back control of your own health.”

Whether you are concerned about your diet and vitamin intake, previous physical trauma history or your future joint health we can offer you the best clinical testing, advice and care for your health.

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